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    On behalf of American University's Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity, I welcome you to our web page.

    What is Delta Phi Epsilon?

    Delta Phi Epsilon is the nation's only professional foreign service fraternity. Brothers study or work in the field of International Affairs. We are a Brotherhood, which has joined together to help, aid, and assist each other in the realization of our ideals. Founded in 1967 and subsequently reactivated in 2009, the Pi Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon has become a leader in professionalism, academic achievement, and intellectualism in the field of Foreign Service at American University in Washington D.C.

    As a fraternity our goals are to inspire honor and scholarship in Foreign Affairs, to raise the standard of American citizenship at home and abroad, and to aid and assist every member of the Fraternity in the realization of his ideals.


    Through hosting professional events, academic, and networking opportunities, we strive to foster relationships of friendliness and goodwill between the United States and all other nations. Furthermore, we seek to help members foster interpersonal relationships with professors and leaders across academic disciplines.

    Warm Regards,


    Stephen Young, President 2018-2019



    Felipe Herrera

    School of Int'l Service, 23rd Line

    I joined DPE to find a sense of community among people who shared similar interests in international relations. Through an extensive network of alumni, workshops to develop professional skills, and the speaker events we host with experts in the field, DPE provides plenty of opportunities for professional development. I’ve made the friendships of a lifetime with a group of people who pushed me intellectually and professionally to succeed, and these bonds will stay with me long after I've left the campus of American University behind.


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    Patrick Reed

    School of Int'l Service, 18th Line
    I joined DPE because I want to explore my horizons and meet intelligent, curious men who cared deeply about the subject they study. What I found was a brotherhood that encourages me to push my limits and provides me with a supportive network of incredibly motivated and ambitious men. DPE has been one of the best choices I've made since coming to AU.
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    Steven Sullivan

    School of Int'l Service, 15th Line
    I joined Delta Phi Epsilon to surround myself with a diverse and driven group of young professionals interested in Foreign Service and the world around them. I wanted to be a part of the long tradition started by our founders who were World War I veterans. We are Brothers serving proudly in the nation's cloth. 
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    The Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity is proud to present the inaugural “DPE Academic Journal.” Please enjoy four original articles, produced by our Brothers ranging across disciplines including Science, Law, and Economics. View the full pdf here.



    Find videos from all of our past events here.


    Stephen Young


    Stephen is a Senior in the School of International Service and the Kogod School of Business majoring in International Development and Identity, Race, Gender and Culture, along with a minor in IT. He has interned for nonprofits in the fields of economic development, civic engagement, language services, and immigration services and has served as an intern for the Asia Bureau of the United States Agency for International Development. He has also studied abroad in Taipei, Taiwan. Since Joining DPE in the Spring of 2016, Stephen has served as Assistant Line Captain, Secretary, and now President, hoping to foster greater cohesion and organization in DPE.

    Nicholas Kunzig

    Vice President

    Nicholas is a Senior in the School of International Service majoring in Global Governance. He is from Dijon, France and is currently interning in the European Affairs department of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In the past he has interned at the House of Representatives, the Fulbright Association, EuroTASC Consulting and CRDF Global. Nicholas studied abroad in Brussels where he learned about the workings of the European Union his junior year. He was also Professional Chair in the past and now wants to focus his efforts on strengthening DPE's roots on campus.

    Hunter Schoech


    Hunter is a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of International Service majoring in History and minoring in International Relations. He has interned at the National Park Trust, the United States House of Representatives, and most recently at the European Policy Centre in Brussels, Belgium. Since joining DPE in the Fall of 2016, Hunter has served as the fraternity’s chaplain, squad leader, and now Secretary. He hopes to provide guidance and
    cooperation among the members of DPE.

    Daniel Heine


    Daniel is a Sophomore in the School of International Service and the Kogod School of Business majoring in International Relations, along with a minor in International Business. He has worked with a number of nonprofit organizations in the field of civic engagement as well as other philanthropic causes. He has also served as a constituent services Intern for Senator Edward Markey. He was born in Berlin, Germany but now resides in Massachusetts. Daniel now serves as this year's treasurer and hopes to lead the fraternity down a pathway towards financial stability for us and our posterity.

    Lane Manalo-LeClair

    Philanthropy Chair

    Lane Manalo-LeClair is a sophomore in the School of International Service. He is pursuing a BA in International Studies with topical focuses in Global Inequality and Development, and Environmental Sustainability and Global Health. He is also on track to pursue a BA in Economics and a Spanish minor. This past summer he interned for a small NGO, Asylum Access, working to translate their Refugee Work Rights report and other documents between Spanish and English. Lane’s would like his career to focus around sustainable development in Latin American and the Philippines. Lane joined DPE in the spring of 2018 and is looking forward to serving as Philanthropy Chair this fall.

    Daniel Lehman

    Professional Chair

    Danny is a Sophomore at the School of International Studies. He is thrilled to be professional chair! Outside of DPE he completes for the American University Model UN Team, was previously the Networking Coordinator for the American University International Relations Society and currently serves as the Chief Internal Officer for the IR Society. Additionally he has worked for the Unesco Center for Peace and has also taken classes at American University Central Asia in Bishkek.

    Christian Von-Rotz

    Social Chair

    Christian is a Junior in the School of International Service and School of Public Affairs, majoring in International Development and Foreign Policy and National Security, and a minor in Political Science. Christian has worked in the Student Activities office at American University as a Financial Assistant for over a year. He has also worked for the National Student Leadership Conference as a Team Advisor, facilitating leadership and IR-based workshops for high school students. He plans to study abroad in Chile, where he will intern and take classes. He is a new member to DPE, joining in the spring of 2018. He currently serves on the 25th Line Team and as Social Chair of the fraternity.

    Francisco Huang-Ventura

    Brotherhood Chair

    Francisco is a Junior in the School of International Service majoring in National Security and Foreign Policy, along with a minor in Chinese. He is part of the Men’s Soccer Varsity team at American University. He has worked and volunteered at several soccer summer camps around the D.C. and Maryland area. Since joining DPE in the Spring of 2018, Francisco is currently serving as Brotherhood Chair and is in charge of planning brotherhood events.

    Raj Dhage

    Recruitment Chair

    Raj is a sophomore in the School of International Service from Cheshire, Connecticut. At American, Raj studies both International Relations and Economics, with a thematic focus on National Security and Foreign Policy and a regional focus on East Asia. Raj has been involved with DPE for just over a semester now but is excited to continue his service with the professional fraternity for years to come. As Recruitment Chair, Raj hopes to expand DPE's academic diversity and bring in a more selective group of passionate IR individuals.


    Sohrab Azad

    Alumni Chair

    Sohrab is a 2nd-year student at the School of International Service majoring in International Studies with a focus in U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security. In addition, he is minoring in Economics and is a member of the Three-Year Global Scholars Program. He has studied abroad in Brussels and Madrid studying EU relations and global governance. Sohrab has interned for a senatorial campaign, a start-up company, the U.S. Senate, and Refugees International. He joined DPE in the spring of 2018 and is currently the Assistant Line Captain and Alumni Chair.


    Roen Agdeppa

    Diversity Chair

    Roen is a Sophomore in the School of International Service and College of Arts and Science majoring in International Economics and Development. In the past he has interned for Congressman Eric Swalwell of California’s 15 Congressional district and has served as the SIS Senator in the American University Undergraduate Government. After joining DPE in the Spring of 2018, Roen currently serves as the head of the Diversity Chair within the organization.

    Lee Block (right)


    Lee is a Junior double majoring in international relations, with a focus in global comparative government and national security, and Russian language, Lee is currently the editorial assistant at Washington Decoded, an online publication. He has served in various other professional capacities, including as an assistant to a Department of State Diplomat-in-Residence, a legislative intern in the Connecticut General Assembly, and as the research assistant for Our Idol Still: State, Nation, and Genocide, a forthcoming book by Dr. Martin Shuster. Lee was initiated as part of the 24th Line in the Spring of 2017, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the fraternity's academic journal.



    Question: I am interested in joining DPE, but I am not in SIS. Can I still join?
    Answer: Absolutely. While we are an international affairs fraternity, we are open to all interested in Foreign Service in all meanings of the phrase. Those enrolled in Kogod, SPA, CAS, or SOC should feel free to come and express their interest in receiving a bid as well.

    Question: I am interested in pledging DPE, but I am already in another Fraternity (social or professional). Can I still seek a bid to pledge?
    Answer: Absolutely. Our Brothers come from many different backgrounds. This includes members of both social and professional Fraternities.


    Question: What do you really mean by professional connections?
    Answer: Our Brothers have worked with and interned at many locations around D.C. and the world including Congress, Secret Service, the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, and Navy, the Departments of Commerce, Labor, Defense, and State, several foreign embassies and governments, Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC, JP Morgan, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, CFR, and the Jamestown Foundation. For a full list, see below.


    Question: Will pledging Delta Phi Epsilon hurt my grades?
    Answer: The simple answer is that it depends on you. We expect a serious time commitment from you, but academics come first. If you have a project or paper or any other academic or professional obligation, that will always take priority. We are a professional organization that values academics. Strong academics demonstrate your intent to be a professional and productive member of society and of the Brotherhood.


    Question: What is the full time commitment of the pledge process?
    Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to give you an exact answer. The pledging process is not static. Our process is designed to instill the core values and knowledge of Delta Phi Epsilon on our pledges- therefore, it takes as long as necessary. Be assured that every Brother has been able to do well academically while pledging. Though it is a serious time commitment, we consider your individual circumstances, both academic and professional.


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